World Bachelor in Business Program

Hello! Is there any program similar to this at another school? (At USC the World Bachelor in Business program is for undergraduates. You can earn 3 degrees in 4 years while traveling internationally to learn about business. You can travel to Italy and Hong Kong and learn Italian and Chinese in the process.)

UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business offers the Global Management Program:

(Berkeley uses the UC Application and has specific requirements (A-G subject requirements, minimum GPA etc. You can find more information here:

Tulane offers the Altman Program in International Studies & Business:

(It’s free to apply here and uses the Common Application. I highly recommend you apply Early Action and interview if possible as Tulane heavily considers demonstrated interest in the admissions process. You can find more information here:

Many other schools offer business degrees and study abroad programs, though not necessarily in a coordinated program. Try researching more on undergraduate business schools, the ability to study abroad, and the flexibility of the curriculum to double major/undertake a dual-degree etc. Although utterly useless when it comes to determining “fit,” US News IS helpful for finding universities that offer undergraduate degrees in business, although most that don’t will offer Economics or other related majors. I found it helpful in my own school search to US News to filter schools by the locations I was interested in, though there are many more options, such as cost, student body size etc.

US News Undergraduate Business School Rankings:

Make sure you are applying broadly (safeties, matches, and reaches,) as specialized programs at already-selective universities tend to have much more competition than the general application pool.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!