****...World Cup

<p>The World Cup kicks off in 20 mins. And I'm stuck at work trying to Gamecast the Germany/Costa Rica game. Sad indeed....but atleast I wore my Sambas and Holland jersey :)</p>

<p>Anyone else missing prime football right now?</p>

<p>No but Monday during LSAT exam.........of course US plays. I feel your pain buddy. Added to that the cable news networks continue to bash the whole idea of folks actually watching. Neanderthals.</p>

<p>Damn....I'd rather miss the Germany game than the USA/Czech one.</p>

<p>Haha, MLS still has games during the WC. Thats why Americans don't watch it. In other countries, the club teams shut down...all the players are gone. Here...we still have good ole New England v. Salt Lake.</p>

<p>Americans claim to "get" soccer but they don't. The kids play but as for National Spirit=nada. zip. nothing.</p>

<p>Goal Germany[LAHM] in opening minutes[6]. Wow. I love this.</p>

<p>DAMMIT....I walked away from my desk for 12 mins and its already 1-1</p>

<p>Man to man? Wow this is a fast, furious game. CRC fans are all about the attack for sure. Thrill and chill just watching.</p>

<p>Germany again.....KLOSE</p>

<p>what the hell....under 20 mins and this game seems more exciting than half of the Premiership games</p>

<p>yup and they are in Munich in that gorgeous stadium playing fast and furiously. Gotta love World Cup. I love Baseball too but this is such the event. Wursts, brew and all the folks. Wish I were there.</p>

<p>Me and a couple of friends were gonna go, to celebrate graduating hs...but we figure we'd wait till South Africa for a more momentus occasion, college grad. I'm looking at the gamecast and all these shots taken from right around the box already...Costa Rica's D must be lacking...</p>

<p>Have fun in South Africa.....it is beautiful. You will have fun. I am getting this final push for exam and finish next year. I'll go the next time around too.</p>

<p>I hope its as good as people say....what country do you wanna see down there? If Holland qualifies, Im def going to see the Orange.</p>

<p>I'd see the Orange but it would be fun there to see Australia too. Big crowd. It is all good really. I mean A is always big right?</p>

<p>They're always big because they havn't qualified in 31 years..haha. Socceroos are dying to even make it to the Group stage. The curse has been lifted...so expect big crowds</p>

<p>HOly ***** lahm's goal was perfect! did you see where he placed the ball?!? <em>faints</em></p>

<p>It was perfection wasn't it? Birthday boy and oh so precise. The media is gonna replay that for the next 4 years and maybe longer. It was spectacular.</p>

<p>Better than Roberto Carlos' free kick last time?</p>

<p>If any of you have Univision it is broadcast there, and that is public TV.</p>

<p>Im in a govt facility and the only TV we get the Cup on is in the Chief's office...and it's all choppy.</p>

<p>Ah it is 3-1 now. Klose nets his 2nd goal. Nice effort.</p>

<p>3-2 Costa Rica ties it all up...his second goal as well. The offside trap is thwarted again.</p>