World History issues

<p>I'm taking Honors World History right now, and I have a BAD teacher. He doesn't put grades in on time and it's really starting to bug me. For example: We took a CRES during the first term, and it's the second term now, almost second semester and he just began to grade them. Also he forgot to put my assignments in from last term! His test are ridiculously hard, and full of petty facts. History is the worst subject for me because the information won't stick in my head. I studied 2 weeks before our WWI test and got a 65. I studied really hard for our WWII test and I feel like I did bad on this one too. (This test is STILL not graded yet, took it 2 weeks before break) I don't want my grade to suffer. Right now I have a 89% It's not bad but I'm going for an A. That 89% can change because of the WWII test lol. So my question is: How to study for history tests?</p>

<p>Talking to your teacher might help; sometimes teachers don't realize what they're doing wrong and it's best to seek him for help. If he doesn't help you, I would emphasize doing homework daily and keeping up with the reading. That usually helps a lot.</p>

<p>Ask him a ton of questions. Get to be somewhat of a teacher's pet. It worked for me, and my teacher bumped a few of my tests over 10 points. :)</p>