world history sat 2 curving and scores

<p>i just have a couple questions about the world history sat 2
it is out of 95 questions so how many questions can you get wrong and still get an 800 or close to it
also is it better to leave questions blank or answer all of them???</p>

<p>i took AP world history and looked over the barrons book which seems to be fairly difficult but i usually get like 20 wrong on the practice test in that book </p>

<p>what score range would 20 wrong be???</p>

<p>20 wrong would be about 700, and since barron's is usually a lot more difficult than the regular test, i think it's safe to assume you could get 750+. Study hard. :)</p>

<p>Refer to this:</p>

<p>Sparknotes:</a> SAT USH Scoring</p>

<p>The curve on the world history is far more generous than on the US history test. I think somewhere around 15 wrong is still an 800.</p>

<p>I would rather omit the twenty you got wrong and still get an 800</p>