World History Sat-Advice?

<p>Hello, I recently took the sat world history subject test in June, and didn't do as well as I'd liked. Although I was hoping for an 800, I ended up with 750. Originally this was not much of a concern, as I planned to simply retake it in October. However, I have just discovered that for some reason world history is only tested in June and December. </p>

<p>Whilst I can still take the December test again if I apply regular decision, how will this effect my application (for psychology) if I choose to apply early for a higher tier U.S school (Ivies etc), who's deadlines are generally early November-and as such I won't be able to retake WH, as an international applicant? Also, is there some way to acquire your SAT ST scores early and send them to your respective college after you've sent in your ED application?</p>

<p>thanks! :D</p>

<p>If you take the test in December, you will not be able to use that score for ED.</p>