World History Self-study textbooks?

I’ll be self-studying World & Euro this year, and I have my Euro books (PR and Modern European History) and one World (PR), but I’d like a textbook to go along with World history. Any recommendations? (I did check out the sticky, didn’t see much for World History texts.)</p>

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History 4/e is the school AP World History textbook. I prefer this book since it is dense with rich information.</p>

I’ve found the 3rd Edition, but having some trouble with the 4th. Has World history been updated much since 2004 (when the 3rd was written)?</p>

I believe you’re expected to know up to the year 2000 or until you reach a topic about globalization. So, 3rd edition is alright.</p>

Our school uses Traditions & Encounters 2/e and personally, I thought that it did a good job preparing you for the APWH exam. To my knowledge, it’s geared toward the exam (not 100% sure though). Each chapter is 30 pgs or less. Out of 40 chaptes, I think there were maybe 4 chapters that were exactly 30 pgs. :)</p>

Good luck with the exams! For the APWH exam, the questions are broad and a lot of them are applied questions. You have to be able to connect societies and recall important stuff from different time periods. I loved the material but I’m horrible at thinking on a broad level… but who knows, you might be good at it :D</p>

I think broad is my best type of question! Thanks :)</p>

Edit: I can get Traditions & Encounters 2/E (Used, and in two volumes) for just over $10. Think I’ll go with that one xP</p>

I looked through Traditions & Encounters since my APWH teacher has it, and the book does have a good source of information and looks well organized. Moreover, it is also a recommended AP World History textbook. So, going with that book will probably be better for you.</p>