Worried about absences?

<p>I am a junior, going into my senior year, and I am really starting to worry about getting into college. I have a lot of problems with migraines, which causes me to miss school. My mom is constantly telling me that my absences will keep me from getting into college, but when I have a really bad headache, it is hard for me to even think about that.</p>

<p>I miss about 10-15 days a quarter. Freshman and sophomore year's grades are not great...mostly Cs. However, this year, I have A's in most classes (AP Bio, AP Psych, etc.) and B's in two. I also take extra online classes to boost my GPA. Also, I think it shows that I don't miss school because I'm lazy or don't care. I took (and passed) WHAP sophomore year, and took AP Bio, Psych, USH, and Lang this year. Next year I'll be taking AP Lit, APES, and AP Stat. </p>

<p>My language SAT is above average, and my math is average.</p>

<p>I really want to get into the University of Florida, with a major in Animal Sciences. I am not particularly interested in other colleges because UF is the only one in Florida that offers Animal Sciences. However, I know that I have to have backup schools, since UF is very competitive to get into.</p>

<p>My goal for next year is to show up to school, even if I have a migraine, because I don't want to risk not going to college. </p>

<p>Do colleges look at absences as much as I'm afraid they do?
If they do, will my volunteer work, AP classes, and online classes be enough to save me?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>

<p>A few important questions: Do you live in Florida? What are your weighted and unweighted GPAs? What's your SAT score? Have you taken the ACT? What kind of school do you go to (public, private, etc.)? Also, have you been seen by a doctor? Migraines can indicate all sorts of problems, so you really need to get that checked out. 10-15 days a quarter is not a normal amount of time to be so sick that you can't function.</p>

<p>At my public high school in Florida, nowhere on your transcript does it mention how many days you're in school. It has your best SAT and ACT scores, your FCAT scores, your class rank and out of how many, the classes you've taken and how much credit you've received, as well as your GPAs. I repeat, there is absolutely no mention of absences. </p>

<p>UF doesn't require teacher or counselor recommendations, so I again don't see how this would ever come up. As long as you have enough seat time to graduate, your grades are good despite your absences, and you've complied with your district's attendance policy (the absences are excused, etc.), you should be fine. Stop worrying, as stress will only make your migraines worse. </p>

<p>My advice to you: 1. Go to a doctor. 2. Try to take the ACT as an alternative to the SAT, because you're going to need very high test scores to overcome a boatload of C's on your transcript. 3. Forget about what you want to major in; look at schools other than UF, because it is difficult to get into and you need to give yourself options. 4. Relax! </p>

<p>If it makes you feel better, I missed 60+ days of school freshman year for medical reasons and nobody has ever mentioned it to me since.</p>