Worried about college... please ease my mind!

<p>I'm currently a high school junior, and really nervous about college... I'm applying to some top 20/30 schools, but wondering if I'm qualified enough to even be considered. </p>

<p>I recently got my first SAT back and got a 2030 (690 M 640 CR 700 W), lower than I was hoping... but I'll take it again in June and take the ACT in April.</p>

<p>Because of some family trouble, I had some bad grades (mid to low Bs) Freshman and Sophomore year. So far though I have had high As in all my classes this year (taking AP English, Honors Spanish III, AP Chem, Honors Precal, AP USH, Honors Physics, Band). My GPA as of last semester is a 98.9 weighted, and will likely go up a point or two by the time I apply to colleges. The reason I am so concerned about college is because I am not in the top 10% of my class (23/145, may go up 3 to 4 ranks this semester). Is my GPA high for having such a low rank? Will colleges take this into consideration?</p>

<p>Also I don't have a huge list of ECs like many other people on this board... I live in a slightly rural area and did not know that I should be trying to win all these prestigious awards like many people here have. I am principal clarinetist for the high school Wind Ensemble and band takes up a huge amount of my time... I made All-State this year and come from a highly succesful band program (State Honor Band 2005, State Marching Champion 2005, Sate Marching Finalist 2006, Midwest International Clinic Performer 2007). I was elected president of the band for next year, and will also be section leader. I am head of the Community Service committee in student council (helped organized a walk-a-thon that raised $30,0000 for a cancer organization) and am in NHS. </p>

<p>I go to a small school with very few clubs, so I haven't been able to be a part of all these nationally recognized clubs, although I did start a Student Democratic Club this year.</p>

<p>Basically what I am asking is will my low class rank and small list of ECs prevent me from going to more prestigious schools? I have wanted to go to Notre Dame ever since I can remember, but I'm also applying to Boston College, Rice, and Northwestern and I'm extremely worried that I won't get in anywhere :(</p>

<p>you dont need tons of extracurriculars, just passion for one, which i think you have. your class rank isnt too impressive, but its still in the top 10%. btw, if you're in california, uc schools wont see your class rank at all. you still have time to bring up your sat, and try the act. </p>

<p>i doubt your ec's are holding you back, so work on academics. so yes, you're on the right track. gl</p>

<p>Yes, just work hard.</p>

<p>Here is how to get yourself to relax. Go to collegeboard.com and plug in your stats. Make you college list and for each school you will be able to see how you "stack up" for admsiions at that school. Serioulsly your current stats should put you at mid range for boat loads of really great schools. </p>

<p>Here on CC it is easy to get a distorted view of your qualifications because so many posters seem to be at such a high level but you are fine! Your post could have been written by my D who is competitive for all of the wonderful schools she is looking into. Relax! but consider using your summer to cut down on some of the schools you think you want to apply to. 20-30 is a bit much even for the CC community.</p>

<p>Oh no I'm no applying to 20 or 30 schools, I'm applying to 8 or 9. What I meant in my post is that some of the schools I'm applying to are ranked in the top 20 or top 30 schools.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, I may do that.</p>

<p>sorry...it was early and I misread.</p>

<p>My only piece of advice is to get EVERY one of those grievances into your guidance counselor's rec., it will give the colleges some kind of explanation, and definitely help boost your chances, I think you're looking fine so far for tons of great schools.</p>