Worried about LORs

<p>I'm a second semester junior. This year I want to apply to Questbridge (senior year), but worried my LOR won't be stellar enough if I get them from junior year teachers since they will have to fill out a form. I think I won't be their "outstanding students" because of my attitude. Its not that im arrogant, but I appear too "relaxed".
The form worries me greatly, because while I do well when my teachers don't fill out a form of 5 pages, the form reveals my weaknesses (for example, I'm possibly not the best student in their career). Majority of my grade is A-, even though I've won some big awards this year.</p>

<p>Should I ask my senior teachers instead? I promise I'll change my behaviors, but should I ask them? Will they write my excellent recs?</p>

<p>p/s: I applied to QB this year as a junior and was rejected for even conferences. Pretty disappointed, but I think mostly because of my recs</p>

<p>Trust me, just go with teachers who actually know you. Your senior-year teachers will have NO idea who you are in time to write recommendations in time for Questbridge deadlines. It would almost be inappropriate, in my opinion, to ask them. Try asking different teachers if you have any, but I doubt it was the recommendations that killed your application, as mine were complete crap, to be honest.</p>