Worried about my scheduled classes?

<p>So my school has this stupid thing where for most AP classes you have to take the CP class for it first as a prerequisite. So for example my sophomore year I want to take AP chemistry, but to do that I'll have to take CP Chem my first semester. Therefore, these CP classes will be taking up space of more challenging classes. Will colleges understand this? And also what is considered a good amount of AP classes? (I'm taking about 10-11)</p>

<p>Many high schools use prerequisites to weed-out or recommend students for AP courses. At our school, everyone took CP Bio, Chem, and Physics before advancing to the AP level for each. Colleges will understand. </p>

<p>Students on CC claim to take anywhere from 1-2 APs to 15-17+. There really is no "good amount of APs" as the number of AP classes offered by high schools can vary greatly. 10-11 is plenty.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>