Worried about my senior year schedule?

It is:

AP Gov
AP Calc (AB)
AP Spanish
Journalism III honors
EPIC (full year project class)
Craft of Writing (unleveled)
Communications (unleveled)

I’m worried because the last three classes are unleveled, and I am an AP and honors student. I am also worried that I am not taking a science next year (no room, plus I hate science). These are classes I WANT to take, but I am worried about colleges.

I am looking into competitive schools, as I have a 2110 SAT and a 3.89 unweighted GPA. What do you guys think? Is this going to hinder my acceptance at schools like BC, Amherst, Cornell?


Have you previously taken AP US History or AP European History?
Have you previously taken AP English?

If you have already taken those, I think you will be fine.
If not, you should swap out AP Gov for one of the more hardcore AP history classes,
or swap out one of the journalism, writing, communications classes for AP English.

I don’t think it is absolutely essential to have a science in senior year… just as long as you have had at least 3 serious science classes… certainly honors or AP biology, honors or AP chemistry, AND some other honors science class at some point.

I took AP US history this year, and my school doesn’t offer AP English. I could, however, switch AP Gov to AP Euro, although Gov is something I am much more interested in. Do you think it makes a big difference?

Have you had any course in World History or European History?? If not, you really should take one of those.

Our school doesn’t have AP World History, but I took it for honors. My dilemma is between Gov and Euro-- does Euro look that much better?

Eh… I’m not sure how much the distinction between AP Gov and AP Euro matters… perhaps others could comment on that.

Can you list all the science classes and levels that you have taken?

Honors Bio
Honors Chem
Honors Physics

4.0 in these classes

Hmmmm… I might consider trying to take one more science…

What are your options for science in senior year? Could you rank them according to your relative interest?

No disctinction between GOV and Euro. Both are very boring though in my opinion. If you need a science for senior year, but hate science try AP environmental science. Thought to be the easiest Ap class by many people. Otherwise do Bio. its a lot of work, but is somewhat interesting in my opinion.

AP Bio- but then I would have to drop two classes because it is a double block.
Hate chem and physics.

There are also classes like genetics, marine bio, enviro, etc.

Eh, you shouldn’t take a class if you really hate it…

With all the info you have given us, I think your senior year schedule should be okay…
Maybe switch in AP Bio if you want to push yourself, and I think it is a wash between AP Gov and AP Euro.

Okay! Thanks!