worried about uva....

<p>so i'm really getting nervous about getting into uva and am a rising senior, i have a superscored 2170/will definitely be going up when i take it again in october, have a 4.16 cumulative gpa (but we are in the infamous county where gpas were just changed/the weightage was upped so basically everyone has above a 4.0..) and i have decent extracurriculars as i'm in an internship program and also volunteering in many places as well such as a nursing home, hospital, youth sports etc... any suggestions to help improve my app? also was wondering, i'm not sure whether I want to go premed or engineering... if its engineering I know it will be electrical, and if its premed ultimately I probably want to become a pediatrician, although some people have been urging me to not go med with the current health situation. Would you advise applying to one or the other as far as admissions go to give that much better of a chance? I know its stupid to apply to a specific school just to get in, but I thought that as I'm not sure what I want to do it would perhaps influence my choice as well...</p>

<p>Are you instate? If so, you should have a decent shot. Im not sure about specific school admission rates but definitely something youd want to look into.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm in state, thoughts on engineering vs med?</p>