Worried Junior!!! Plz Help!!!

White female
At one of the top 5 best high schools in my state
Freshman sem 1: 3.11
Freshman sem 2: 3.45
Sophomore sem 1: 3.57
Sophomore sem 2: 3.32
(one AP in sophomore year)

Will have two AP’s this year. and likely three in senior year. My gpa is projected to be higher than a 3.6 this semester.

current cumulative gpa is 3.36
Want to go into nursing.


No SAT or ACT scores yet.

good extracurriculars, 500+ volunteer hours so far, soccer, dance.
Going on a medical mission trip during the summer of 2016.

The schools im looking at are: (i know they are all gonna be reach schools :frowning: )
Boston College, University of Michigan, Seattle University, University of Virginia, Indiana University (not too interested) , Georgetown University, New York University, Washington University-St. Louis, Northeastern University, and University of Colorado- Denver.

What are my chances like at any of these schools?


If you only want positive feedback, what’s the point of even asking? “Yea you’re doing great keep up the good work!” isn’t going to help you.

just removed that part, have at it!

Boston College- reach
University of Michigan- low reach
Seattle University- low match
University of Virginia- reach
Indiana University (not too interested)-low match
Georgetown University-high reach
New York University- reach
Washington University-St. Louis- high reach
Northeastern University- reach
University of Colorado- Denver- match

it’s hard to distinguish low match/match/high match and low match/safety without test scores because those will make a big difference in that situation

IMO, you need to look at more matches which would be schools less selective than nyu/bc and slightly more selective than seattle

Thanks for the info!! I’ll be sure to include test scores on this thread or a new one when I get them!

Do you know of any schools with nursing programs that you would consider a “match” for me? And by saying “slightly more selective than seattle” are you saying I could get in somewhere better?
Thanks for your help/feedback in advance!

Yes assuming good sat scores (I’m not saying 2400 maybe between 1800-2000). You can look into suny binghamton, it’s good for nursing but it a rural vibe.