<p>I'm worried that I'll get rejected from UM since many people who have fabulous stats in our school are applying to UM also, earlier or around the same time I am.</p>

<p>My apps will be in by nov 15. (that's when SAT scores are arriving so no point in sending essays until the night before)</p>

<p>My question is, since I'm probably the only international of the UM applicants in our school, do I not compete against them?</p>

<p>Michigan has similar standards for in-state applicants as it does for out-of-state applicants and international applicants. So it really does not matter who you are competing with. Your chances are not great primarily because you are applying in mid November as opposed to September or October. </p>

<p>Take it as a rule, Michigan is very numbers driven and usually quite predictible. If your SAT score is over 1400, your unweighed GPA is over 3.9 and your class rank is in the top 5%, you have a good chance of getting in. If your SAT score is over 1300 but under 1400, your unweighed GPA is over 3.7 but under 3.9 and your class rank is in the top 10% but not in the top 5%, you have a chance but not a good one. If you get below a 1300 on your SAT, your unweighed GPA is under 3.7 and your class rank is out of the top 10%, your chances are not good at all. </p>

<p>By the way, you do not have to wait for your SAT score to send in your application. You can send it in now. The university can at least process your application.</p>

<p>without any SAT scores?</p>

<p>I'm still working on the essay. Here are my sats:</p>

<p>to school of engineering</p>

<p>800m 610v
800 iic 800 ic
750 writing
710 bio</p>

<p>soph + junior unweighted GPA is about 3.9 (10 As 2 Bs)</p>

<p>class rank, I'm not reporting to any colleges.</p>

<p>Yes, you can send your application in now. It takes them a couple of days to process the application and they can at least look at your grades, APs, SAT IIs etc... </p>

<p>Engineering at Michigan happens to be the most selective college, but your scores are certainly good enough. It really depends on how late you are in the process. Good luck and let us know what happens. I would say that your chances are ok but not great.</p>


<p>u don't need a 1400 to make it in umich. with 1300 u easily can make it. I'm an international student and i have international friends that made it with 1200's. SO STOP TALKIN AND MAKIN THINGS UP HERE. And also, they only had 3.7 gpa's. u think u know alot from ur posts, u are only a nerd that has no friends.</p>


<p>On another note, your commentary and knowledge about the process is appreciated by all (except yong).</p>

<p>Yong, you do not have to take things so personally. </p>

<p>Can students with 1200s on their SAT get into Michigan? Sure. But they usually do not apply to the school of Engineering and they are usually either URMs, in-staters or completely international (studying abroad under a different language of instruction) who apply in August or September. </p>

<p>Vitamin is applying to the school of Engineering, he is an out-of-stater studying in the US (although Vitamin is international, he is currently studying in the US, in an English speaking high school) and he is applying in mid-November. </p>

<p>This said, I will repeat my statement. Vitamin has a decent chance of getting in. Had he applied a month ago, he would have been a virtual lock. But he is not going to benefit from applying late.</p>

<p>sorry about that. i didn't read about engineering. but i think international students w/ 1200 sat have a great chance to make into umich, maybe not in engineering but in other majors, they do. Again, i would to say sorry about that post.</p>

<p>I agree that "true" international students can get into Michigan with 1200s on their SATs. If a Chinese or German student who spent his or her entire life in China or Germany, studying in Mandarin/Cantonese or German gets a 730 on the math and a 510 on the verbal, the verbal will be overlooked. There is never really an excuse for doing poorly on the math though. </p>

<p>But in the case of Vitamin, it is different because he is currently stuyding in an English speaking High School in the US. But I must stress that Vitamin does in fact have a very realistic chance. </p>

<p>No matter what, a student should always strive to apply before November when it comes to Michigan. </p>

<p>And there is no need to apologize. We all say things we don't mean in the heat of the moment.</p>

<p>Ahh.. this may be the biggest regret of the applications process.</p>

<p>I'm only applying to UM this late because I did not do any college research last year. I found out about UM from friends and looked into it and by the time I was convinced it was one of my top choices, late October rolled by. :(</p>

<p>It is ok Vitamin. I have a good feeling about your application. I just don't want to excite you in the event the unlikely happens. Let us know when you get your accep...er...your answer! hehe</p>