<p>Hey guys!
I have a:
3.95 weighted 10-12 GPA
3.42 unweighted 10-12 GPA
4.13 total weighted
3.65 total unweighted GPA
in a really competitive high school</p>

<p>32 ACT, 2070 SAT
690 Lit, 720 Math 2C</p>

<p>Editor in chief of school paper
Red Cross president (300 hours)
Working at a start up magazine

<p>My dream colleges are NYU, BU, USC's Annenberg, or Berkeley. Do I have a chance? What can I do to get a bigger chance?</p>

<p>You have to be waaay more specific if you want good feedback. How many AP's? Any other EC's? (your list is kind of small) What are you majoring in? (NYU and NYU Stern are very different) </p>

<p>anyways, if those are all the EC's you have, I would say you need to get some quick ones in. I'm not saying you "pad" your app with bs activities, but maybe try something new. I didn't see any athletics on there; maybe you can join a team or sports club. anyways, I can tell you right not with you're a good shot for BU, but you probably won't get into Berkeley (unless you're in state, which makes it a whole lot easier)</p>

<p>You can get into NYU CAS probably especially if you apply ED.</p>

<p>Yeah, I live in California. I was being super general with EC's. I'll add.
At the end of my high school career, I will have taken 8 AP's.</p>

<p>6 years of Assistance League membership
-Service Chairman of organization
Local Childrens' Museum Volunteer (100 hours)
Vocal Ensemble Member (2 years)
Red Cross Leadership Staff Counselor, which racked up those 300 hours</p>

<p>And I really want to major in communications and maybe minor in political science.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback from before.</p>

<p>I think you have excellent chances at BU. Also, agree with excellent chances at NYU CAS. Others to possibly check into are Wisconsin, Fordham, Maryland, American, Syracuse and GWU. Best of luck!</p>