worse score second time taking?

<p>i took the sat's in march, got a 2180
math: 770
cr: 650
writing: 760</p>

<p>i took them in june, didn't study a lot cause of ap's and subject tests in may, and i did SO much worse. like, i didn't expect to do that well, but i thought i could break 2200. i got a 2090..
math: 760
cr: 670
writing: 660 D:</p>

<p>i'm gonna take them again in october, study my butt off this summer. so let's say i get a 2250 in october. colleges see that i went from 2180 to 2090 to 2250. is that bad? should i just not let them see that 2090? HELP PLEASE D;</p>