Worst GPA + get into Stanford

What’s the worst GPA I can have for one term only and still get into Stanford? Also, what’s the worst single-subject grade I can get?

<p>...it's not a formula, you know. I'm sure if you got a 2.5 GPA one semester cause you were playing pro-basketball, they'd understand.</p>

<p>GPA has little to do with getting into Stanford--unless it is not excellent. They are looking for interesting people.</p>

<p>GPA has little to do with getting into Stanford? Is that a joke? I guess it's a coincidence that most everyone has a 4.0. I'm sure they're interesting too.</p>

<p>Once again...test scores and GPA will get you in the door, but it's EC's, essays, recs, etc. that will actually get you accepted.</p>

<p>I aggree with Xanatos. Just because your gpa is slightly lower than the typical acceptee doesn't mean you'll get rejected, what will get you in the doors are the ec's recs, essays, and interview.</p>

<p>I think you'd be lying to yourself if at the end, Stanford rejected you, and you blame it on a low gpa.</p>

<p>considering that 90+% of their admitees are top10% in schools that rank...</p>



<p>Yep, for interesting people with 4.0 or so GPA -- and there are plety of those applying.</p>

<p>I finally understand why top schools get to reject nine out of ten of their applicants. 90% believe the school will overlook some major flaw.</p>

<p>Being "interesting" tips the scale. But you need the stats to back yourself up.</p>

<p>I have a 4.1 on a 5 point scale, but my counselor wouldn't rank!!!!! i rank about top 5 in 300+ students but my average is only 83%!!! I have taken the most advanced/rigorous courses at my school. Ranked #2 in chem, #1 in calculus and geometry, #1 in biology (79%) :(. What am i suppose to do?????</p>

<p>You are pretty advanced for a two year old. LOL I guess on Mars its a longer orbit so the years age you slower.</p>