Worst Titles for College Essays!

<p>Thought this might be of interest to the CCers on this board… :)</p>

<li><p>“Why I’m Gonna Get So Much Attention In College”</p></li>
<li><p>“Chico, My Most Unforgettable Cellmate”</p></li>
<li><p>“D’s = A’s: My High School’s Complex Grading System”</p></li>
<li><p>“Gross Things I Did To Food When I Worked At McDonald’s”</p></li>
<li><p>“I Hired Some Chinese Kid To Write This Essay”</p></li>
<li><p>“Why The Admissions Director Loves His Car And Wouldn’t Want Anything Bad To Happen To It”</p></li>
<li><p>“A Few Ideas On What To Do With All Those Annoying Elderly People”</p></li>
<li><p>“Faith Hill: She’s A Good Singer, But Is She Really A Diva?”</p></li>
<li><p>“Instead Of An Essay, Here’s a Photocopy Of My Ass”</p></li>
<li><p>“One Year In College, Then ‘Hello, NBA!’”</p></li>

<p>"2. "Instead Of An Essay, Here's a Photocopy Of My Ass""
"6. "I Hired Some Chinese Kid To Write This Essay""
Oh crap! Those are <em>bad</em> titles to use for essays? I'd already submitted essays to my colleges with such titles... </p>

<p>And being on topic, would "Vandalism: How to Get Away from the Cops without being Besmirched" and "Here's some cash to ease my admissions process" be bad essay topics.</p>

<p>"Hello admissions officers. This is the autobiography of Mike Hunt"</p>

<p>"On Plagiarism"</p>

<p>"Why I hate diversity"
"My favorite website is Sparknotes"
"My most memorable childhood moment with Michael Jackson"</p>

<p>"Why I want to be a doctor"</p>

<p>I really liked athlonmj's and Ameechee's titles. Hahaha :-). I also liked #9 by neophyte31.</p>

<p>"What I Did with the Body"
"My daughter and I" or "My Son and I"
"White Supremacy and Me"</p>

<li>"D's = A's: My High School's Complex Grading System"</li>


<p>Haha, Tenacious J, pure hillarity. These are really good :-).</p>

<p>"Deutschland </p>

<p>"How I started up my school's young-KKK club"</p>

<p>"How volunteering in a third world country taught me that poor people have feelings too, they're just worth less"</p>

<p>"College Essay"</p>

<p>"What happened on Prom night...an indepth explanation of my criminal record"
"My experience with men/women"
"How do you use a shot glass...advice from the expert"</p>

<p>or "Coll*a*ge Essay" for that matter</p>

<p>"I'm not THAT arrogant...it's just that I am better than a lot of ppl"....</p>

<p>"Senioritis, the New Widespead Epidemic"</p>

<p>"The Police Report Was Inaccurate"</p>

<p>"Experimentation on Animals: A New Frontier"</p>

<p>"How I Overcame My Disadvantages: Being a white-upper-class kid"</p>

<p>"Why the confederacy should have won"</p>

<p>"My drug of choice"</p>