Worth applying with limited research?

<p>I'm a returning student just finishing the prerequisites for entry to grad schoo in microbiology. (I'm three courses shy of the requirements for a biology major, and will finish those up by next fall.) My original bachelor's is in the humanities. Because I have to work full time to support myself, I just found the funds this term to work in a research lab on campus. The institution I'm at is very well respected, but the professor is untenured.</p>

<p>My GPA is 3.7 undergrad, 4.0 in biology and chemistry, and my GRE scores are 169 V, 156 Q, 5 A (Percentiles: 99, 74, 87).</p>

<p>I will have decent letters of recommendation, but nothing from anyone extremely famous.</p>

<p>Is it worth applying anywhere this year? I hadn't planned to, but one of my profs suggested that it would be worth the risk. (Then again, he's not paying hundreds of dollars for transcripts and scores and application fees, so . . .)</p>

<p>I am also a returning student, and I applied with very little research experience. I was lucky and got an acceptance, but I also met people who I think would have helped me get more experience in research had I not been accepted. So for me, it was worth applying.</p>

<p>It's worth a shot. If you're concerned about the costs, just pick a few you /really/ like, rather than going the whole 9-yards and applying to 8-12 schools. If you don't get in, then you'll just have to wait until you gain more experience.</p>

<p>I have some research experience (no publications) and decent letters as well. we're in the same boat :) I'm just gonna apply to a lot of school and cross my fingers.</p>