Worth applying?

<p>My school limits the number of applications to 6, so I have to pick schools wisely. I have decided to apply to schools where I have a chance because I don't want to end up being rejected from all schools. Do I have a decent enough shot to warrant applying?</p>

<p>2280 SAT (800M, 740CR, 740W)
800 Math II, 800 Physics, 800 Chemistry
IB: 43/45 Predicted, Full Candidate
No GPA/Rank/APs offered at my school</p>

<p>8 International Math Competition Awards (nothing amazing, average AIME qualifier level (6 points at AIME))
1 National Award for Business
7 School Awards</p>

<p>President/Founder of 3 Clubs in School
Run successful business
Internship at Barclays
Organized 3 science projects
Student Council
2000 hours of community service
Varsity Basketball
10 Major leadership roles</p>

<p>4 Languages</p>

No Financial Aid
Great recommendations/essays.
International Applicant.</p>

<p>My D had similar stats and was accepted. Go for it…</p>

<p>^ Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>With those kind of stats and being an international not applying for financial aid, you are very likely to get in.</p>

<p>Does anyone know the average SAT score for JHU?</p>

<p>2020-2300 is the middle 50% for accepted students. Also your stats are very strong.</p>

<p>^ That’s much higher than I anticipated. I was expecting 1950-2150 to be honest.</p>

<p>It’s also important to note that students with similar stats were also NOT admitted. I wouldn’t say JHU is a sure shot. Early Decision will increase your chances but otherwise in Regular Decision, it’s a toss up, admit rate is 1 in 5.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Do you think my chances are around 4-5/10 for RD?</p>

<p>1 in 5 in RD
1 in 2 in ED</p>

<p>^ Wow, really?
JHU has a 27% acceptance rate… are my chances really just average?
Also, just checked - my SAT falls above the 75th percentile for each section - hooray! :smiley:
I won’t be applying ED, but there is a good chance for RD.</p>

<p>yeah, you always have a shot lol
I honestly wouldn’t stress out over test scores
I didn’t have good ones and I was accepted (THANK THE LORD)
and well about the acceptance rate…it was 20% this year actually! lol
you have an awesome test score and you seem like a strong applicant!
IF you really want to go to Hopkins, I would say go for it!
That in itself is an important part of the application to me as well haha :)</p>

<p>What do you want to study?!</p>


<p>JHU doesn’t offer finance but they do offer Econ, International Studies (great for those interested in global banking) and the minor called… I think it’s Management and Entrepreneurship.</p>

<p>Does JHU not have a business school?</p>

<p>Yep, the Carey School, though it only provides a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management so far, but you can easily combine it with any major from BME to Financial Economics to Writing Seminars.</p>

<p>^^ Actually I think that’s incorrect.</p>

<p>The Engineering school offers the minor:</p>

<p>[Entrepreneurship</a> & Management](<a href=“http://web.jhu.edu/Leadership/html/entrepreneurship_program.html]Entrepreneurship”>W. P. Carey Program in Entrepreneurship & Management)
Course requirements: <a href=“http://web.jhu.edu/Leadership/files/forms/new_minor_checklist_fall2010.pdf[/url]”>http://web.jhu.edu/Leadership/files/forms/new_minor_checklist_fall2010.pdf&lt;/a&gt; </p>

<p>The business school is only for graduate students and it’s in downtown Baltimore, not on the undergraduate Homewood campus.</p>

<p>Oh, I wonder why I recalled JHU being ranked in the top 10 for either Economics or Business then…</p>

<p>Does it have a highly reputed Economics department?</p>

<p>International Studies and Economics are prestigious at JHU.</p>