Worth going to top Business program?

<p>I'm a senior looking towards applying to some top tier business programs. I was wondering is it worth the money to go to a top tier business program like NYU stern; rather than saving some money up at a state school to apply to an MBA. I'm planning though to work about 5 years after earning my B.A.</p>

<p>The Top Tier would be: Haas (Cal), Ross (UM), Tepper (CMU), Wharton (Upenn), Stern (NYU), Sloan (MIT).</p>

<p>They differ on specializing on Finance vs. IT/Consulting vs. Quant Analysis/Comp Finance, etc. With the current financial crisis, I would think that Tepper/Sloan/Haas would grow more in the future as their students not only count on finance jobs but are also usually the number one choices for thinktanks, consulting, IT consulting, IS and securities/risk, Management Info Systems, Operations, Bus Analyst, Comp Finance, and Quant Analysis.</p>

<p>Stern is known for its finance program, most of its graduates go to i-bs in wall st. Stern graduates do well when the banks are doing well, but given the current economic turmoil, I'd agree that Ross, Haas, Tepper and Sloan provide a more well-rounded education (not just in finance) and better career opportunities.</p>

<p>Most people don't know that undergrad Wharton offers a business program that includes more concentrations than any other business schools. You can select to concentrate in one or two areas. To me, this offers the most flexibility and something for everyone who is interested in the business world.</p>

<p>The concentrations are
Actuarial Science
Business and Public Policy
Entrepreneurship & Innovation (second concentration only)
Environmental Policy & Management
Global Analysis (second concentration only)
Health Care Management and Policy
Insurance and Risk Management
Legal Studies & Business Ethics (second concentration only)
Managing Electronic Commerce (second concentration only)
Marketing & Communication (dual concentration)
Marketing & Operations Management (joint concentration)
Operations and Information Management
Real Estate
Retailing (second concentration only)

<p>best bschools would def. be wharton, ross, tepper and them. a lot of other ones are worth going to too though, like indiana's or penn state or baruch.</p>

<p>Yes, for business a top program is worth the money. As someone who has hired many top MBAs over the years, most top MBA students we see also attended a top college, not necessarily in a business program.</p>

<p>The issue is that the first job after undergrad is of vital importance to getting into a top MBA program and access to an elite job is pretty much tied to where you go undergrad unless you have great connections.</p>