Worth it to retake SAT IIs?

<p>My math SAT II was really low, it was in the 520s, and the 22%, mind you I'm a decent math student, I get in the 90s for my math classes and I go to a public high school in the top 200s. I applied to 4 SUNY schools and they are primarily match or safety range for me and only one of them is a reach. (Most of them say I don't need them or need only one but unfortunately when my score report geos out it sends all available scores, Stony Brook says it recommends a math I, again I'm a safety-match here) Would it be worth it to retake my SAT math, my other SAT IIs the U.S. History and World History were 770 and 750. </p>

<p>I know this represent a dark spot on my application but my grades have gone up from before, whereas in Junior year I had a rough 92-93 range I not have a 97-98 range in Precalc (not yet done with course). The problem is that I want to major in Biology, you may think I'm lazy but the amount of APs I took this year and the applications and college essay I still have to fill out piles on an enormous workload and getting rid of this SAT II problem would relieve it significantly. (I prep and do lessons from a Barron's book nearly everyday)</p>

<p>If I have to take it and it does significantly destroy my chances I will retake it but I'm just wondering it is a waste of time.</p>


<p>P.S. I already paid for the test, but I don't really want to take it =P</p>

<p>90s in math classes, APs, accomplished h.s, 98 in pre clac... 520 in math subject test?
Man, it doesn't matter if its math 1 or 2, this just doesn't add up. Were you high the day you took the test? If so, then lay off the drugs and retake.</p>

<p>Not in AP math, but the reason was I took it first was tired adn didn't study at all. My finals were near, so I didn't study.</p>