worth it to take AP class online, though I won't get credit?

<p>Earlier on in the year, I was thinking about taking either AP Psychology or AP Art History over the summer online on Keystone. (I’m in an only-IB school, and I’ve heard that adcoms find it impressive when IB students take AP classes outside of school). Then I realized that my county won’t accept the credit for either of those classes if I take them online. So my question is, would it be worth it if I still took the classes and took the AP exam next spring, without getting credit for the course? Or should I just self-study and save myself the money.</p>

<p>bump bump! any thoughts or suggestions?</p>

<p>self study.</p>

<p>Well, if you know you won't procrastinate then self study, but if you think you'll need a bit of nudging to keep up with the course during the year, I'd just take the online class. I'm guessing that'll give you more of a resource to ask questions and stuff as well.</p>

<p>Okay - I think I might just self-study and save the money, or maybe even wait for the fall and take it as a class with the county's online provider. Thank you for the help!</p>