Worth it to transfer

I’m debating if I should try transferring to USC from the University of Minnesota. I’m studying Finance at umn and would try to transfer to usc as a business administration major. I like where I’m at now but usc seems like a much better school for the industry I’m interested in (entertainment). I don’t know how hard it would be to break in coming from the school I’m at now. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the time and energy to apply here.

I assume you attend the Minneapolis campus. That is a question you’ll have to decide for yourself. Is the high cost of a private school worth it and will you have to incur debt to attend USC? The University of Minnesota is a very good public school and the school has some very good programs. The undergraduate business school is a top 20 business school according to US News rankings. UM Twin Cities is a large flagship state school which has all the amenities, student spirit, activities of a large flagship school. If the costs of attending USC cause financial hardship, I would stay at UM.

Yes, I am attending the Minneapolis campus. I ran the net price calculator for USC, and it seems like I would only have to pay for housing and food. It would cost more than UMN, but not by a marginal amount. I also understand that my school is very good but I don’t think it has the resources for getting into the entertainment industry. I think I’m just gonna apply anyways and make a final decision if I actually get in. Thanks for your insight.

If the costs work out for you, UCLA might be another option. UCLA does not have an undergraduate business school, but the school does have the business econ major geared toward business/finance related jobs. Good luck!