Worth the price?

<p>I live in Minnesota, so I can go to either Minnesota or Madison for a lot lower price. Also, staying closer to home is definently important to me and I would like to return to Minnesota after college. I know Michigan is slightly more selective then madison and minnesota, but is the school that much better that it is worth the price?</p>

<p>^^^Not for you obviously. You answered your own question.</p>

<p>Yeah, stay in-state unless you score a nice scholarship.</p>

<p>Go to UW-Madison.</p>

<p>Can't really go wrong with UW-Madison, either.</p>

<p>Not worth it. Michigan-Ann Arbor is AWESOME...but so are Wisconsin-Madison and Minnsota-Twin Cities. I don't think any university in the nation is worth twice the price of Wisconsin.</p>

<p>I would never consider Michigan in the first place except for the fact that I like how it is a smaller school than Minnesota or Madison. Is this true and is there really that big of a difference?</p>

<p>I'll comment on Madison since I used to go there. If you look on Wikipedia Madison is only 950 acres whereas Michigan is around 3,000 acres. Based on that I would say Michigan is much bigger. The number of students is practically the same. </p>

<p>At Madison you might have some classes first or second year that are 300-400 students. They're pretty lame. A walk to class never takes more than 20-25 minutes, depending on where it's located. The UW campus is not big, in my opinion, but it IS long, which is why it may take you 25 minutes to get to class if you're living on the east side of campus (witte hall) and your class is over in the engineering building(west side).</p>

<p>Oh thanks, I guess i was wrong. My mom thought it was smaller, but I guess not. How does the environment of Michigan compare to Minnesota or Madison? If they are similar, i see no reason why to go to MN.</p>

<p>I live in ohio michigan vs instate school, michigan wins. Even with the extra cozy</p>

<p>I mean cost</p>

<p>If I were you, the only reason I would consider UM over the other two is if you know you want to do something in high finance or consulting and you get into Ross pre-admit.</p>

<p>Madison. Easy choice. Awesome town, should be a great college experience.</p>

<p>i know a friend who came from wisconsin; he's a senior here, majoring in philosphy and minoring in polisci i think. He never regret it and is having a great time here in michigan. just sayin'</p>

<p>UM and every big state school has large intro classes so please, it's not that lame and most do fine with it. If you have the grades you can always get into Honors and have smaller intro level classes in many subjects. There are free busses to take you across campus if you need to go to a distant class. But many just get a moped and zip to class. The moped fleet is unique to Madison. Parking is pretty easy too with lots right next to most buildings.</p>

<p>UW-Madison</a> > Univ. Comm. > Photo Library</p>

<p>We live in MI. My son is going to MI this fall and is very excited about it. He grew up listening to his father rave about WI. He went to WI for undergrad and med school. I have not met anyone who went to either U of M, or U of WI not talk about their college experience with anything but pride and fond memories. Save you and your parents a lot of money and go to Wisconsin.</p>