Worth writing the SAT and International Fees for an Undergrad Program?

<p>Which type of undergraduate program should I seek if I am to attend a top 15 Business school? I live in a small province in Canada which makes it difficult to attend a program in the United States due to international costs and having to write an SAT (not required for college in Canada). I have heard that undergrad BBA degrees are usually a poor plan (Unless it is a top school of course). I plan to attend an MBA program in the United States. Is a prestigious undergrad program really that important? And I should factor in opportunites to work for prestigious companies in Canada after an undergrad degree. What schools in Canada and which programs could open up doors for such opportunities? Would it be much better if I decided to pay the extra money and write the SATs and go to a college to do Undergrad in the United States? If so which schools and which degree should I be after? Anyways, sorry for my rambling on and repetition of questions. Message me back if you get the time.</p>