would a college rather see...

<p>a W grade for withdrawal or a subsequently bad grade for staying in the class (C or maybe even D)?</p>

<p>If you could pull a C+, I think it would look much better than a W. Shows that you had the guts to stick it out.</p>

<p>anything below C+ is probably not worth it?</p>

<p>actually while you can bs an explanation for the W. A C+ is a very bad grade to have on a transcript</p>

<p>AND it pulls your overall gpa way down.</p>

<p>It depends quite a bit on where you want to go and how it might affect your chances. I have never been in this situation but many folks on the board have taken the W over the bad grade without consequence. I think making a habit out of it might look iffy though. </p>

<p>I would check with your specific school AND intended program there though. Sometimes even schools that aren't as nitpicky about stats can have certain limited admission majors with very strict rules about grades, even if the class is retaken later.</p>

<p>Both are bad, but colleges know about both cases and having one or two wont kill anybody (except maybe at ivys)</p>

<p>I just posted a similar question lol. If you drop the class are you going to retake it? I personally think a W is better than a C or C+.</p>