Would a college rescind admission for a C?

I might finish one of my classes with a C or a C+ (Precalc). All my other classes will be in the A or B range. I have schools with 30-60% acceptance rates. Should I be OK?

(Of course, I’ll try to keep my grade up as a B- before the year ends).

(Other grades: A, A+, B, B+, A-, B+).


…also, I meant to post this in “high school life.”


But don’t plan for a C, lest you get a D. Because that will be a problem.

The college admission offers should list what conditions you must meet, including what grades or GPA you must meet in in-progress courses. Read them.

If they are vague and say something expecting you to maintain your academic performance, then it depends on your overall record versus your new grades. Usually, a C grade is not by itself an issue (a D or F grade would be a problem), although a large drop in grades or GPA overall can be a problem (4.0 → 2.9 would likely raise some eyebrows, for example).

Most colleges just state something along the line of “Maintain academic performance.” One school does require nothing more than one C.

I would assume that one C and a GPA drop of no more than .5 is the minimum (AKA, no questions will be asked).

However, my GPA is within .1 of last semester, and I’ll try to keep it up.

You should be fine.

I think it’s fine, but two C’s wouldn’t be great and as mentioned, keep the grade on the B side of C, if that makes sense. D’s are a problem.