Would a 'D' stop me from getting into USC?

I got a ‘D’ in Honors Chemistry during my junior year. BTW, the grading scale at my school is 77%-84% for a ‘C’. So I hope the fact that it’s an honors class and the rough grading scale will make it okay.

Do you think this would this stop me from getting into USC? I’m applying to Cinema-Television department, so I’m thinking a single grade wouldn’t hinder my chances that much. The rest of my scores look something like this:

GPA: 3.71 weighted, 3.2 UW
SAT: 1350
ACT: 30

Comments are appreciated.

<p>Some of you guys have screwy grading scales. My school goes like this:</p>

<p>90%+ is an A
80-89.9% is a B
70-79.9% is a C
60-69.9% is a D
59% and below is an F</p>

<p>As for your question, I really can't help you much. A 'D' might be tough to overcome, but you may be able to do it.</p>

<p>Doesn't Cinema requiere a supplement, I think it would matter in this case. Do you at least meet minimum requierements?</p>

<p>I meant that your supplement would matter more than your grades.</p>

<p>The avg GPA fro USC apps is 3.99<br>
you are not right in there. the question would have to be "Is the Cinema-Television department more competitive?"</p>