Would a high leadership position in JROTC be good on my college app?

I have been in JROTC for 4 years, during this I have co-founded and led various programs within the corp, and I have led a class of students for two years within the corp. Colleges want leadership so I think this would be a good thing to put. Should I write one of my supplementary essays about an experience I had during my 4 years in JROTC?

Yes. It could make a good essay. However, you can even take it a step further… Colleges will clearly see from your title and description of this EC that you have leadership skills. Use the essay to demonstrate another trait the target college is looking for, one that doesn’t show as obviously or easily through the rest of your app. Use a “slice of life” essay with your
leadership position in JROTC as the backdrop to show (not tell) the college about this other important trait.

Thank you! I am currently on schedule to become the core-commander, which is the highest position in the core, kind of like the president.