would a real bad scores history really affect?

<p>Hello all </p>

<p>First time i took the SAT i scored really horrible ( 540 M , 320 V ) and I boosted that to ( 800 M :) , 690 V :( ) in one year. </p>

<p>how would colleges look at the previous score ? will they average it or just look at the new one ?</p>

<p>Wowzers! Fist of all, congrats on the enormous score jump! Something like this is unprecedented, and you should pat yourself on the back. :)</p>

<p>Colleges generally only look at the best scores. Let's hope they won't get too suspicious about the 630-point leap and think someone else took it for you (or that you were high when you took it the first time, jk, jk).</p>

<p>If you don't mind telling, how did you score so low the first time and how did you improve so dramatically?</p>

<p>yes, id like to know as well, i really need to improve my verbal score</p>

<p>Well the first time i took it, i did sooooo well on math and expected an 800 but dunno how it flew down to 540 ... I ordered the Q and A service , but i was a fee waiver and my school didnt allow me to see it.</p>

<p>Anyways , about the verbal, its the most thing that made me mature and look at life in a diffrent way , like u know i was excellent at school for 11 years and was overtop in my whole class and suddenly I fail in that way .. i spent the whole year studying english , and i actually spent my whole life studying it " never had english at school" only ( abc ) in the kindergarten, duh ! so, first i memorized the whole SAT word list and went to the bookcase and bought like 50 books and finished one each two days .. then with intensive practise and buying each test online with the 10 real SATs and I practised from hmmm " Develop you reading skills" my cousin's book who studies literature at the university .. that one really helped.</p>

<p>So all in all u have to work on yourself .. and it differs from one person to another .. read alot and thats it </p>

<p>Good luck anyways ! </p>

<p>Let's hope they won't get too suspicious about the 630-point leap and think someone else took it for you </p>

<p>HAHA ! i wish so .. </p>

<p>and is it real that this boost in scores is considered as something good ! i've never expected this ..</p>

<p>but 690 aint that good score i will retake and aim for at least 730</p>

<p>am confused ! do i have to bother and retake ? </p>

<p>i think i wont go to the states or anywhere .. will stay buried in this goddamned country</p>

<p>Duh .. the forum is toooo crowded that no time to help eachother.. why all of those new threads </p>


<p>colleges will discard your old score</p>