Would an internship for a recent grad be useful?

I am graduating in december with a bachelors in communication and I have done a few internships already and I was wondering would it be a good idea to get another internship after graduation or jump straight into applying for jobs? I want to get into marketing but I have only done social media management internships while in college so what do you all think?

I think most companies only hire students for internships.

Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want to try to secure a job after graduation instead of an internship? Most entry level jobs come with the expectation that you are still learning.

I asked for advice from a bunch of people on Linkeldn and they all gave me the advice of an internship but I can not afford to do another internship. maybe i just need to reword how i ask for advice from people.

If you are graduating in December you should be looking to secure full time employment. Start looking now. Work your contacts with your previous internships, go to your school’s career fairs, career centers, etc…


If it is a job they are calling an internship not to pay you, that’s only allowed in limited circumstances - a government agency, a educational setting (where you get credit), some non-profits. If it is a private corporation, they have to pay you and it’s called a job.

Many jobs train you and you can build up experience that way. Just dive in.

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If you can find something for this summer, at a company that you would like to work full time at after December, you should consider the internship. Ideally paid. Because the company can then make a decision on you based on a 3 month internship rather than a 2-3 hour interview process.

Find a job. Sometimes December grads have a good time getting jobs because less folks are starting jobs at that time of the year. You already have some internship experience on your resume.

Get a paying job.

I am confused about how some commenters are drawing the distinction between an internship and a job. I always thought that an internship was for a limited time frame, say a summer or a semester, after which it just ends and you are expected to return to school. Both my kids got paid for their internships. I didn’t know that unpaid internships still existed.

Op,I don’t know why anyone would recommend an internship to you. It makes no sense in your situation. You want a regular full time permanent job.

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It is late to get a summer internship. Occasionally internships are available to non-students and they can be a way to get training. Legally an unpaid internship has to provide benefit to you. Have you tried applying to actual jobs? Does your school have helpful career services? An internship office?

An internship is not unreasonable for the OP because they are not graduating until December, and there is a summer in between now and then. Admittedly late to try for an internship, but if you can, sure. This is not instead of a full time job. A full time job is not in the cards anyway, because the OP hasn’t finished the degree based on what they described as the current situation

OP in the original post is talking about post graduation, not this summer, "would it be a good idea to get another internship after graduation or jump straight into applying for jobs? "

The OP should be shooting for a real full time job. There could be situations and fields where it is difficult to get a job without some type of prior experience. Then you might have to piece together the necessary experience from temporary but relevant jobs. For OP though, marketing is a pretty friendly entry level field.


I have seen people who would have normally graduated in 3.5 years, push the last few courses into the 8th semester, and do an internship (paid) in the 7th semester — just to try different jobs and to give potential employers time to assess them properly

If you think you need more experience before you can be competitive for the kinds of marketing jobs you’d like, consider looking for jobs in the non profit and NGO sector. They don’t pay as well, but they also do marketing and can help you build a resume for the kinds of jobs you’d like.

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I have already done a few internships so i feel like i don’t really need another one

I only need 3 classes in the fall.

Thank You. I am nervous that it will be hard to find a job since I am graduating in the fall and not in the spring.

I can not afford to work for free right now and I have already done two internships for college credit and I not need anymore credits other then the 3 classes i am taking in the fall.

I have tried applying to a few jobs but they can not hire me since i do not graduate until December and I have done a few internships but can not afford to work for free and i have alread done internships for college credit.

Usually internships are only for college credit which I have done twice and did one just for experience. It is weird that people have suggested an internship especially since not many internships exist for recent grads.

I don’t know why I assumed that it would be hard to find a job since i am not finishing during the traditional time.