Would anyone be interested in finding a place with other ucla transfer students?

<p>I'm tired of finding roommates from craiglist, honestly, I don't like to live with people in random age like late 30's, weird housing rules such as they can bring overnight guest, but I can't, and perverts...... My wish was living in a place with a little bit of privacy and
students just like me! I applied UCLA housing with full of hopes, but I'm very disappointed with their offer. It seems like majority of people got double/triple room, some people like it and some people don't. </p>

<p>Would anyone be interested in finding an apt/ a house with other incoming transfer students??</p>

<p>I'm going to look for a place where I could live at least a year and everyone would have a private room.</p>

<p>It would be really nice If I could find some people have similar ideas of housing.</p>

<p>hey I am very interested in finding a place off campus with transfer students! I am disappointed with my housing offer of saxon suites being that they are the most secluded and I am hoping to bring my car so living on campus doesn't seem like the best option. (as well as that they put me in a triple!)
feel free to contact me, im seriously considering looking for places off campus!</p>

<p>check your pm;)</p>

<p>I'd definitely be interested too! Let me know if you are looking for another person!</p>

<p>I'm looking to live off-campus in a house w/ own room, too. I have a dog that I REALLY want to bring with me, so I need some place with a back-yard. Not sure if gender is an issue for you</p>

<p>Not having a dog is one of my reasons for not really wanting to live on campus... Haha.</p>

<p>me too!! .</p>

<p>Those of us interested in having a dog should look into something that would work. I think it'd be cool! I've never not had a dog at my house!</p>

<p>I like to have a dog too!!!!!!! I'm not sure about a house with back yard, but we can work it out. I sent everyone a pm please check it!</p>

<p>Yay for students with dogs! haha
I'll be facing this same problem next year...although i hear berkeley is very dog-friendly. So hopefully i get in.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm interested too! Let me know.</p>

<p>Hey put me down for this too: I'm a chick, 24, I want my own dang room, and I can pay around $800 a month... and having a dog or really any animal would be so great!</p>

<p>It's either this or get myself a cozy studio in Sherman Oaks or something- the commute isn't that terrible.</p>

<p>I might be. I honestly don't see the great aspects of living on campus. I really don't want to share one shower with 4 other girls.</p>

<p>@kernl I was actually looking into the same thing, the commute to/from UCLA isn't too bad? Ahhh I'm confused on what to do for housing haha</p>

<p>haha the commute will be a nightmare! 10 min in LA could take an hour to get to school.. That's the only thing really keeping me on campus although I may look into maybe Santa Monica. I hear you can take the bus for $0.25 and it would be faster than driving / parking etc.</p>

<p>kern! did you apply for housing at all? how far is sherman oaks?</p>


<p>go here: The</a> Daily Bruin</p>

<p>click 'classifieds'</p>

<p>click 'apartments for rent'</p>

<p>you can find a place literally right next to campus for a decent price.</p>

<p>EDIT: the webpage is currently down, but try again later today.</p>

<p>awesome, I thought I was the only one not pumped on campus housing. PMs sent</p>

<p>thank you predict!</p>

<p>heyy i'm in the same situation, i got saxon suites when i really wanted to get an off-campus apartment or something and now i'm kinda iffy about if i want to live there!
here are my details:
transferring as a sophomore (but i have junior level standing)
18 (going to be 19 in november)
money isn't an issue but i want a place that is close to campus and not a major trek everyday</p>

<p>if you think this might be compatible with the kind of roommate you're looking for than PM me :)</p>