Would anyone mind reviewing my portfolio for Parsons?

I did not obtain any admitted tab in my New School page, leading to my building anxiety which is not very preferable as I’m in the middle of my final exams… Is anyone willing to look through my portfolio and determine if I’m in or not? I just want a definite answer, not being held in curiosity for long…

I’ll pm the portfolio! And thank you so much in advance.

Hi! I also did not get the Admitted Students tab in my portal. Can I take a look at your portfolio? I wouldn’t mind sending mine too.

@naraksudsud Sure!! Though I found out new students can’t pm each other in this website though, how would you propose we send each other?

Email? Facebook? Instagram?

@naraksudsud, isntagram then?

@krostyv just dmed u!

Can i see your portfoilio??

@yeehaw0000 sure!! Email me at phantomeww@gmail.com