Would applying to Columbia be a waste of my/their time?

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.8
Weighted: 4.37
Class Rank: 3/532</p>

<p>Female from Washington State.</p>

<p>SAT Practice Tests: 2200 (700 Critical Reading, 780 Math, 720 Writing)</p>

<p>Classes (academic).
Honors Biology
Honors English
Spanish II
During the summer - Algebra II, Honors World History,</p>

Honors Chemistry
Honors English II
Honors Pre-Calc
Spanish III
During the summer - AP Psych (5)</p>

AP Biology (4)
AP Calc BC (5)
Honors English III
AP Euro History (5)
Spanish IV
During the summer - AP Macro</p>

AP Physics
AP Statistics
AP Gov&Politics
AP Honors English IV
AP Spanish VI</p>

National Honor Society, all four
Swim Team, all four, captain this year
Newspaper, three, editor-in-chief this year
Yearbook, head photographer</p>

<p>Volunteer work:
100 hours @ local architecture firm
Regular volunteer for the red cross</p>

Published in several online and print newspapers for my drafts/photos
Portfolio of the year by my county's art council for architecture
Second place in a state history essay contest</p>

I have an online business, I sell shirts I designed with logos or with my drafts, and I also sell my photos.</p>

<p>Really, my app doesn't seem to be all that special, but do you think I actually have a shot? I know admissions are often ridiculous with the ivy league schools and are hard to pin down, I just don't want to waste my time on the app or the money.</p>

<p>In case this changes anything, I am also applying to:
University of Washington (safety)
University of Cambridge</p>

<p>No, it would not be a waste of your time (or theirs). With a name like columbiaftw you need a beating if you don't apply. </p>

<p>I'm not trying to give you false hope but I think you have a great shot! Good luck!</p>

<p>I think to go to an ivy league school you need to be taking ALL honors and AP classes, and also I don't really understand if you have or haven't taken the REAL SATs yet (you wrote practice), which may be more difficult than you are expecting. But I do think that there may not be that many people applying to columbia with your class rank and great ECs from Washington state which may up your chances because those schools like to say that they cover all 50 states. So yes you should apply, but maybe don't expect to get in. Sorry if that's really harsh sounding.</p>

<p>Take the SAT soon. October is the nearest one, although I think you already have plans to.</p>

<p>We can see photographing is your passion and it's shown clearly in your EC's etc. Just make sure to receive great recs and write great essays. Overall, you have a good chance.</p>

Cornell- low reach

<p>Thanks! I am taking the SAT in October. The only reason I want to apply to Cambridge is because I'd really like to move to the UK after I graduate. Is there anything else I can do?</p>