Would Appreciate any help on good engineering colleges for my stats

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this, but a lot of college applications are due soon and I’m extremely lost as to which colleges I should apply to and possibly get into with my stats. I’m a georgia resident and have already applied to Georgia Tech and UGA. Other than that I would greatly appreciate any guidance.

UW Cummulative GPA: 91.75
IB Diploma Candidate
SAT: 1530
MAth Team
Science Olympiad
Music PRoduction Club President
Poetry club leadership
Community Servive

Thanks for any guidance.

For a tech-oriented school that would be excellent for engineering, research RPI.

Do you have any preferences about region of the country? Public or private? Size of the school? How much can your family afford?

If you are looking to stay in the south, consider Auburn, Alabama, Clemson and Florida. You should get merit money at all of them. Also maybe consider VA Tech.

If you are looking to go further from home, RPI isn’t a bad suggestion. We are also in Georgia and have several RPI alums in our family. Troy is a big adjustment coming from the South, and if you are a guy, the 70-30 male to female ratio might be a bit much.

Virginia Tech, Purdue, Ohio State are options.

What is your budget and does your school use a 10 point scaling system (90+=A, 80-89= B, etc?) and what is your class rank? NCSU, UofA, UTK or Florida schools depending on your budget and grading scale.

Embry-Riddle, if you want to stay close to home.

What’s your budget? You’re lucky to have great in-state options. GT would be about impossible to beat if you get-in. UGA isn’t known for engineering but as long as a school is ABET accredited it’s good.

Clemson, Auburn, NC State, Va Tech, and Florida. Maybe look at UCF or UA Huntsville?

If you want to leave the Southeast that opens up a lot of choices (but not necessarily better choices…you have some very good ones already).

University of Maryland, College Park and University of Pittsburgh might be matches you.

Fwiw, I would agree it’s almost impossible to beat GT in-state, if admitted.