Would appreciate some advice....

<p>Hello there! I didn't get into my first choice and am now going to a state school in the fall. I want to transfer to a better school, but I don't know how I can boost my application next time around. My SAT score was 1840, my GPA was 3.4 and I have 27 credits from a community college. Any ideas on how to boost my chances? Crazy/creative/obvious ideas will not be laughed at! Thank you!</p>

<p>Study hard and retake that SAT, work on getting the GPA up if at all possible, and get involved in an EC or two that relates to your academic and career goals. Also if you have no leadership experience, try to involve yourself in some, preferably related to that EC involving your major/career goals.</p>

<p>Retake the SAT in college? I heard they frown upon that... And I was thinking about starting a club, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. Thank you for your ideas!</p>

<p>You will be applying as a junior transfer, no need to retake the SAT. As long as you have a high GPA, you should be fine.
As for starting a club, universities are usually good about allowing students to do that. You may need 7-8 other members to start it and create a constitution but I it shouldn't be that hard. Your school website will have more info.</p>

<p>Hi rainxinxblack:
What do you mean specifically when you say "a better school?" If you're talking about one of the top-15 schools, you will need a very high college GPA to prove your potentials. Furthermore, people say that the SAT score is insignificant when you apply as a transfer (especially for junior standing), but the truth is, the higher the rank you go, the more the SAT will be looked at unless you're a non-traditional applicant. Try searching for the stats of admitted students to schools like UPenn, Columbia, Brown etc. You'll see that the majority of them had GPA and SAT of 3.75+ and 2100+ respectively. So I guess it really depends on how high up you want to transfer to. If you're talking about schools like the Ivies, I'd say retake the SAT, even for a junior standing.</p>

<p>F4LCON: Brown opted out SAT for transfers unless they choose to submit it.</p>

<p>When I say better, I mean the 7 sisters and the Ivies. And thank you all for your advice!</p>


<p>Thanks for the correction! I also forgot to add that Cornell has an optional SAT policy.</p>