Would being an athlete help at all?

<p>i am going to apply to cs.
i have quite unimpressive stats with only like a 30 act(33 math) and a 4.1 gpa. although i have many computer science extracurriculars(knowledge of 12 languages, applications out on many different platforms, work with 2 different companies, programming academy at stanford, ect).
but also i am all district, all region and all state(including 6th at the Virginia AAA state competition) in golf. Does this help at all getting into CMU? I know some schools like this sort of stuff because it shows dedication or whatever.
Does being an all state golfer help my chances at all of getting into CS even though i probably dont want to play in college?</p>

<p>I would imagine unless you get recruited it would not significantly help you, it would just count as another EC that you are dedicated to.</p>

<p>What's your Unweighted GPA/Class rank?</p>

<p>my unweighted is likea 3.7-3.8
and my school doesnt rank.
do you think all the things ive done in comp sci will help?</p>

<p>If you don't want to play in college, no, it will not help you, except as an EC. Assisted recruiting (the coach talking to the adcoms about you) is usually only done very rarely for exceptional athletes who wish to play for the university's team. If you were good in high school but don't plan to play, then you're no use to the coaches on campus, so as WongTong mentioned, it will just be another extracurricular you did in high school.</p>

<p>The programming academy at Stanford and working with 2 different companies definitely sounds impressive, I am sure it will help.</p>

<p>ok so you guys think its a good idea to apply?
because talking to some people about how hard it is to get into SCS im starting to think its a lost cause...</p>

<p>Definitely apply! You've got a shot and a well-rounded application. (It seems to be standard fare that most CS kids just don't do sports. You do. Hence, a bonus to you.) You just won't get preferential treatment because of your sports experience since you aren't planning to play for CMU.</p>

<p>ok thanks a lot</p>