Would Cornell be a right university for me? See for details~~~

<p>i'm korean</p>

<p>i LOVE cold weather</p>

<p>i like being sporty (varsity swimming)</p>

<p>i like diversity (many ethnicity)</p>

<p>i'm used to hang out (weekends) in places where people are crowded, go watch movies with friends, lanning, or just walking around commenting on random things, doing silly stuff with friends</p>

<p>my favorable environment is clean and fresh (a lot of tress, etc.) but not too quiet all the time</p>

<p>is near a playful city so i can go out of town and enjoy some city life (im not really a party person... just hanging out but i might change)</p>

<p>gym or swimming pool nearby for my exercise and good food</p>

<p>ive done a lot of research and most of these kind of fit except for the city one... what do you guys think?</p>

<p>It may be a great fit, but it's also super hard to get in. You'll need backups.</p>