Would deciding to transfer increase admission chances?

<p>I come from a decently competitive public school. I'm in the top 18% and my unweighted gpa is pretty high I think(only B's i got were in 4.0 classes in freshman year and got all A's later on with more and more 5.0 classes) and my SAT is 2110 and my extracurriculars aren't very spectacular. I'm in state and I'm Asian as well. At the moment, I'm taking 7 AP classes with all A's. I plan on taking SAT chemistry and math soon. I'm worried I won't get into ChemE so what major should i choose for my second pick if I had to do internal transferring? I don't know if i should choose another engineering major for my second pick or College of natural sciences for chemistry; should i choose college of undeclared undergraduates or undeclared natural sciences? </p>

<p>Ask me for further information, if need be.</p>