Would I at least be competetive at BC?

<p>I am really interested in BC because of the access to Boston and the residential campus. However, I am not a legacy and was wondering what my chances are as such. I am a JUNIOR planning on applying next year.</p>


<p>UW GPA:4.02
class rank 15/468
I’ve taken 5 APs to this point and am taking 3 more next year.</p>

<p>Practice ACT:29 (I just took the real one last week and thought I did very good. I’d estimate like 30-31)
I’m taking the ACT again in April and two SAT subject tests in June.</p>

Organizing a voter registration drive this year and next year (planning on majoring in polysci)
Varsity Tennis and Track
Student council secretary and Key Club President
National Honors Society and Students Against Drunk Driving member
a bunch of volunteer hours
probably a sophomore-senior mentor next year</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>In my opinion, if you apply EA to Boston College you would certainly stand a decent change of admission- my application looked somewhat similar to yours and I was accepted. Um... the only problem would be you're ECs, none of them really stand out.</p>

<p>ya I'm trying to think of something to do over the summer that will stand out... any suggestions would be nice!</p>

<p>Boys State always makes a good impression. Vacation Bible School or something of the sort would also be good for BC... so would traveling. Um... but those aren't necessary, perhaps a job would be good for the summer and during the school year (but not at the expense of grades). Volunteering at a specific place or for a specific cause would also be a plus.</p>

<p>i did a summer program (Junior Statesmen of America) at my first choice school. I don't know if bc has any but it really shows how interested you are in the school and that you got a feel for how it would be to live on campus. Summer programs in general look really good (taking classes instead of sitting around all summer doing nothing), but they can get pretty pricey.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but is a 4.02 UW GPA even possible?</p>

<p>Your application is lacking a "hook" since your stats and ECs are all common (still wonderful, nevertheless), but I agree with the Boys State suggestion. Schools like BC love that (though, when I was offered to do that, a one week conference didn't seem to enjoyable so I declined).</p>

<p>Well, ya because on ours an A+ is a 4.2 i think. I have gone to a "political simulation" for a week at Albion College (a small college in Michigan) but that probably isn't interesting to them. I was thinking of starting a charity or massively fund raising for an already existing one but idk if that is as attractive. I also left out I referee kids flag football and am trying to get a short story published but thats really hard to do so not sure if it will pan out.</p>

<p>good application, but im gonna go with everyone else with no standout EC. granted you dont necessarily need a standout, but it would be better to have a few more.</p>