Would I be able to apply for FAFSA if I gain residency during the college?

<p>I am currently an international student, and I heard that students renew FAFSA every year. Does that mean I can apply for FAFSA on my second year if I get a green card during my first year of college? Is it different for each college?</p>

<p>I just found out that I would probably getting a green card during my college year, so I started researching about FAFSA, etc benefits from being a legal resident.</p>

<p>I'd really appreciate any comments and helps. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>FAFSA is a federal form - if you become eligible because of getting a green card you should be able to complete it.</p>

<p>So, even if I can't complete FAFSA on the first year, I can apply for it on second year?</p>

<p>You should be able to complete it whenever you become legally eligible to complete it.</p>

<p>Thanks for your replies!</p>

<p>Senluck: Be sure to heed what Swimcatsmom says-- FAFSA is an application, it is not a fund. Whether or not you are eligible to fill out the form is another question. You seem not to understand that it is a vehicle to schools' giving you aid. FAFSA does not give you any aid.</p>

<p>So, I know that I am able to complete it, but some colleges don't allow you to submit FAFSA on student's second year?</p>

<p>Where have you heard that? FAFSA has to be submitted every year. It only gives the EFC for the upcoming school year. Then you have to do it again for the next year and again for the year after that etc.</p>

<p>Now if you are talking about schools that require CSS/profile they may have different rules for that (I don't know about CSS). But FAFSA is mainly for federal aid and is required every year. Schools that only require FAFSA will require it to be completed every year. Whether you will then qualify for aid depends on your family and personal income and assets.</p>