Would I be able to get into any of these upper level schools?

<p>I just received my ACT(30) and Sat(1300) scores, I have a 4.21 weighted gpa and I'm in the top 7% of my class(everybody started dropping out :/), and I've taken 5 AP's so far and will have 5 more next year(senior year). However, I was wondering if these would be good enough to get into any of the following schools: Stanford, Brown, University of South Carolina Honor's college(don't want to go unless I can get honors college), Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and MIT(lol :/) Any help is appreciated!</p>

<p>Your SAT/ACT scores are in the range for say Boston University. Unless you have a major hook, all of the schools you list would be a reach except maybe South Carolina if you are in state, or maybe Georgia Tech if in state.</p>

<p>based on those stats, i would say you could get into georgia tech (maybe). everything else is a huge reach. we need more info to make any more chances.</p>