Would I be MISERABLE at HSU?

<p>From what I've heard so far, HSU sounds like complete paradise. I am a ardent naturalist and I want to major in zoology (possibly minor in environmental studies). Everything about Humboldt sounds fantastic... exept I am afraid I would be hated and ostracized there. I am not a liberal. In fact, I come from a family of stubborn, die-hard fundamentalist Christians (but I do not consider myself one--I am a SEMI-conservative Christian, and a quiet one at that).
Obviously, Humboldt has a reputation as one of the most liberal universities in the US.</p>

<p>Would I be able to meet anyone at HSU who would be "accepting" of me or are the people there only accepting of other liberals and non-western religions?</p>

<p>ANY opinions would be appreciated.</p>

<p>If you have a chance, I would really try and visit the campus while it is in session and see what you think. Son will be a senior there and even though he comes from quite a liberal family, he found HSU to be more left leaning than he was used to. Still, it did not deter him. There are several religious "clubs" on campus. You can find them on the HSU website. Their school of Natural Resources is outstanding as are the facilities. Good Luck</p>

<p>I graduated in 1990. I'm a Baptist and a (gasp!) Republican. I went knowing that it was a liberal school. I took the meat of the courses and left the bones (the pro-liberal bias). I found that I had a welcoming community to practice and share my religion, as most everyone there is open and tolerant. </p>

<p>Things that took some time getting used to: just college life in general (drinking, partying) and the hippies on campus (many of my friends turned into hippies after being there only 1 semester).</p>

<p>You would be fine, because Humboldt is liberal, it is very tolerant. Campus Crusade is even going strong. You would also find it very enlightning there, surrounded by people who do not share your views. Remember, in a college setting, everyone is there to learn, and differances provide prime oppertunities to do so.</p>

<p>Ancient thread but I had the chance to visit HSU recently and this is a common question from the perspective of non-leftist college students.</p>

<p>I've never done drugs or smoked a cigarette in my life. I work out daily. I'd much rather spend a quiet intimate night with my girlfriend than attend a "wild party". I don't own a television because I'm too busy reading Kierkegaard. I'm extremely right wing, elitist and stuck up by my own admission.</p>

<p>From what I saw, Humboldt is not a hostile extreme leftist campus like some of the lower-tier bay area/south LA campuses. You don't feel like if you speak out against the dogmatic Marxist preaching, some guy with ms-13 face tattoos on meth will climb into your dorm with a machete. It's not THAT kind of liberal.</p>

<p>It's more like the Shire from Lord of the Rings. People are kind of in their own world and that's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of the students seemed more concerned with dying their hair a new shade of blue or starting a new line of organic clothes (rather than preaching the extermination of western culture to a room of cheering gang members). It was kind of cozy. </p>

<p>If all liberals were the Humboldt style of liberal, they'd be OK in my book. It's really not a bad school and the natural geography is extremely beautiful.</p>

<p>Discoinferno, fyi -- some of the wildest parties I've been to were hosted by self-described, very conservative frat boys.</p>