Would I be the first person to graduate from a 4 year liberal arts college in 1.5 years?

I did online school for high school and took classes at university during that time so I racked up a lot of credits - with summer classes and a just-slightly heavier course load I could graduate in 1.5 years instead of 4? I’m entering as a “freshman” in the fall at 18 years of age.

Mostly just looking for validation, and don’t say I’ll miss out on the college life because I’ve been plugged into the college since I was 16.

Has anyone heard of someone completing a B.A in this amount of time?

Is there a Guinness World Record for fastest time to graduate? Is that the question? Apart from that, it’s not clear what kind of “validation” you are looking for.

Students who graduate high school with an associates degree only need 2 years to get their bachelor’s. If their credits are all accepted then I suppose it’s possible to use summer classes to finish early. It seems like a lot of students graduate with a lot of dual enrolled credits so I doubt it’s a unique situation.

Even if all previous college course work is accepted for credit, the kinds of college courses that a high school student may select may not have been chosen optimally to fulfill specific course and subject requirements for a major and general education requirements at the college the student matriculates to. Or the student may choose a major which has a sequence of prerequisites longer than 3 semesters and which are not covered by previously taken college courses.

Of course, it may be easier to graduate on an express schedule using previous college credit taken while in high school at a college like Evergreen State, which does not require a major or general education requirements (just enough credits of college courses).

Most colleges require a two year time at their school to award a degree from their school. They don’t give degrees based mostly on courses taken elsewhere.

In addition many schools require that upper level courses in your major be taken at their college. Can you get that fine?

And lastly, some of those courses you have already already taken might not be applicable towards a degree at your college.

No, you would not. History has many examples of exceptionally brilliant people earning advanced degrees at very young ages. Karl Witte earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at age 13. I doubt he (and others) took a full 4 years to complete the undergraduate degree.

In any case, whether you can graduate in 1 1/2 years will be determined by the graduation requirements of the college you attend, as others have explained above.

@dscottvb So is there is Guinness World Record!


Suprise #2: The full text of this “The Education of Karl Witte” book is available on archive.org: https://archive.org/stream/educationkarlwi00wiengoog#page/n4/mode/2up

@ace2019 Maybe page through this and see if he has you beat on the undergrad degree or not.

Well I do remember reading about a 16 year old kid who graduated from High School and Harvard at the same time with a liberal arts degree so you’re definitely not first. :wink:

But I don’t think most universities allow credit transfers beyond a certain limit, especially not for STEM majors.

No. Though if you already took college courses on line, the time you took to complete them counts as college, so you aren’t going to finish is a year and a half.

It is possible to get enough AP credits if a college took all of them to get junior standing. Then, an online college or one that doesn’t have a residency requirement could give a person a degree in one full year.