Would I find accounting that boring if..

<p>I don't really mind doing my Pre-Calc homework.. I mean once I comprehend the material, I can just do the problems and I don't really think it is that boring..I don't love doing it, but it is alright. If I am able to do that, will I actually find accounting as uninteresting as everybody says it is?</p>

<p>Some people enjoy it. However, you will really need to take an accounting class to have a decent idea.</p>

<p>I think you're going to be able to tolerate accounting, like your pre-cal class, but are you going to enjoy it? Probably not.</p>

<p>For the one and half semesters of accounting I've taken thus far, accounting, like math, is really boring and relatively easy if you just take the time to do the homework, practice problems, etc...One way in which accounting is more boring than math is that in math, there are multiples ways to get an answer, where as in the accounting classes I've taken, there's usually just one or two, so after awhile, you just get really bored with the material.</p>

<p>How difficult do you guys think bookkeeping and tax income work are? I possibly want to own my own CPA practice in the future and these are likely the services I will offer.</p>

<p>I find acccounting to be pretty interesting. Obviously, a lot of bookkeeping work is repetitious, but there are always new twists and angles to look at, especially if you are doing taxes. If you like puzzles, you'll like accounting. FYI, I am a bookkeeper/HR person, and my H is a CPA.</p>