Would I fit in at Princeton?

<p>Hi guys, I am doing my college search right now, and I was reading about Princeton.
Before reading about this institution, I had not really given too much thought about going to an Ivy League school. I always thought that I would go to UVA or William and Mary, because up until now, those were my two favorite schools (I am a Virginia Resident).
However, after reading all that there seemed to be read on the Princeton website, I realized that I would love and be honored to be given the chance to go there.
I was talking to my parents, and they said that they would be willing to shell out the money for a "Princeton" (I am in the Financial Aid purgatory... it will take a lot of measures to be able to pay 55000+, and I do not qualify for FA... Will still apply though)
So now, I am stuck with the question, "would I fit in?" or at least, "would I like it there?"
I am athletic, but I am still getting in the groove of Athletics (until this year, I haven't really done much athletic activities). However, I am decent.
I am slightly (very) quirky, and I love to learn. My GPA has taken a hit though, because I just started a new school, but I fully intend to work harder towards my grades, and less towards other activities, until I can get back up to all A's again (~3.6 GPA for the last quarter).
I am slightly introverted to people who I do not know all too well, but I am willing to talk to people. However, my academic work will always take precedent to everything else, excepting a tragedy in the family, etc which I hope to God doesn't happen.
Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Unless you have stellar ECs you're not telling us about, it sounds like you don't have a good shot at getting into Princeton... There's a lot of middle ground between UVA and Princeton, though.</p>

<p>Marshfrog, You will need stellar GPA, great SAT's ,EC's and recommendations for both UVa and William and Mary as an instate student. You need to do your best with your grades and test scores to have a shot at any of the 3 schools you are interested in. If you see yourself as "quirky" , William and Mary sounds like it may be the best fit if you stay instate but you should visit all the schools you have an interest in and go from there.Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I actually had a pretty bad first quarter, but I am just a freshman, so I can still bring up my grades (I got a bunch of 89's... Bugs me OMG) however yes I am working very hard on academics, just chose very hard classes so I just got over my transition period... Will do better next quarter.
I am trying to convince my parents to let me take the SAT so I can apply to
CTY and TIP, so I can see how that turns out, I guess
I am in Cross Country, Winter and Spring track as well...
Latin club
Pink ribbon/susan g komen club
Couldnt go to VJCL but will next year
Also I am applying for a volunteering position at Georgetown med when I turn 15 (age minimum) and then the NIH cancer internship when I am 16 (again age cutoff)
So I guess I will see how it goes
I want to do premed, by the way</p>

<p>Oh, you're a freshman! OK that's good. It's far too soon to say if you'd fit in at Princeton, then. People change a lot between freshman and senior year of high school: as much, if not more so, than you changed from 5th grade to 9th grade. (I thought you were a junior, for some reason.) If you can get a decent UW GPA (3.7)/SAT (2100)/2-3 awards in VJCL every year, plus cross country and research, your chances at William and Mary will be at least 60%, and at UVA at least 40%. (Those are high probabilities, but that list of qualifications is a lot to accomplish.) Try to visit Princeton before your senior year, although not until the end of your sophomore year at the earliest. It's not that far away, unless you're way down on the border with Tennessee.</p>

<p>I live in NoVa, so I guess my chances at the VA schools are impacted a bit
However, i do aim to do better
I'm about to do SAT prep, and also my school is a little crazy (won't say which one, for privacy reason)
Also I am the only freshman in my math course, which I am getting a B in, lol so I don't know how that would work out. I might drop down from honors</p>

<p>I'm a pretty good test taker as well, and I know now that I can do better than a 3.7 and a 2100 (maybe a little prep for the latter)
How would that affect my chances for UVA and wm if I got a 3.85-4.0 and a 2250+?</p>

<p>Don't worry about college right now. Princeton is a big reach for anyone. You should concentrate on your study in HS and get all As in the class, then come back to post your stats, at that time, we can give you some better ideas.In the mean time, you should take all honors class and try to Ace them all, that is the only road to Princeton.</p>

<p>^ Agree. Do not drop down from honors classes if you are hoping for Princeton. Schools at this level will expect all credible applicants to have taken the most rigorous honors/AP coarse load available at his/her school.</p>

<p>My S's HS dean told parents "don't even say the word college to your kids until late sophomore/early junior year" and I found that to be good advice. First make your way in the HS -- find the level of classes is right for you, find extracurriculars that interest you, and see where you end up in a couple of years.</p>

<p>Haha thanks guys
Just to debrief you all I am actually in a very intensive college prep school, where several (5-10) kids get in to or go to an ivy/tip LAC
A good 20 or so kids get in to Wm and UVa, and many more to other great schools (Georgetown, BC, BU, etc)
Just to give a little perspective.
It's funny how college is on everyone's minds.
However, I am working to bring up my grades, regardless of colleges, because I want my parents (who are not the richest people in the world) to feel like private education was worth it.
But yes, I will try my hardest to stay in honors.
Actually, my school does not offer too many honors for freshman, just mat and foreign languages. However I am in Latin and there is no latin 2 honors. So I only have math.
Next year I have the opportunity for at least 2 more honors courses though.</p>

<p>However, I will try not to think about college all too much.
On another note, I just signed up for a certamen round! I hope I do well, considering that it is my first time
Also I got a 100% on my history quiz YAY
But when the time comes, I will post my stats etc on a chance forum
If only I got a guarantee for College:)</p>