Would I get rescinded from Emory with this grade?

I currently mostly have B’s, B+, some A-, but I have a C+…

The general rule often quoted on CC is to avoid D’s, F’s and felonies. You should be OK but don’t let things continue to slip further.

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OP: You should be fine.

@happy1: Rule should be updated.: “Felonies” should be changed to any behavior involving dishonesty (including academic dishonesty) or threats/intimidation to another (stalking, assault, internet harassment, bullying, etc.) or crimes involving violence or threats of violence.
Many of these offenses are not felonies, and many may not be formally charged as crimes, but result in other types of punishment (suspension, expulsion, restrictions, firings, demotions, warnings, etc.).

Also, receiving a grade of “D” or “F” may not be disqualifying depending upon the circumstances. For example: Medical occurrence to student or family member which results in student missing classes & assignments & tests due to need to receive or give care & failure to go through formal & proper withdrawal from class procedure.

I did not mean for.felonies to be taken so literally but thanks for clarifying.

And I also don’t think I suggested that a D or F is automatically disqualifying – but as a “general rule” those grades could lead to some follow up by the college.

Anyway I think the OP has the information he/she needs.

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