Would I have a chance at Boston College with a 30 ACT?

I won’t go into specifics about my ECs and other tests score but do you think I’d have chance with a 30 ACT. I’m trying my hardest to raise it to a 31 in October but we’ll see how that turns out.
I do have a 4.0 GPA with a 4.7 weighted.
I’m in the top ten percent of my class.
Not a URM but am first generation
Have pretty good ECs that show leadership.

But it just kills me knowing that my ACT is what’s holding me back because BC is my dream school and I wish it was more of a match for me rather than a reach.
I’m from CA, does geographic diversity play a role in admissions? Would that help being out of state?

Just to add- I do much better on the ACT versus the SAT, I got a 1670 on the SAT and a 30 on the ACT so I much rather prefer the ACT and do better on it.


30 is a bit low for BC and they don’t care much about demonstrated interest. They get so many applications, you really need a 32 for a good shot there.
Being from SD or ND would certainly help, CA probably gets you very little.
Is your high school highly regarded? That could help


@wisteria100 I’m in a similar situation to hi. I have a 30 but my super score is 32. That will definitely help right?

@viola627 BC super scores so they will read you as a 32

Would you mind telling me your scores? I’m taking the ACT in October in hopes to super score it higher so if like to know the scores you got for comparison :slight_smile:

@hi456378 Sure! In April I got C:29 E:33 M:28 R:30 S:24 and in September I got C:30 E:26 M:31 R:32 S:32

@viola627 thank you! What did you do to raise your math and science scores so much? Those are my lowest scores so I really need to get them up

@hi456378 I think I just raised them by practicing those sections over and over. For math you can only really fix with knowing the content being asked in the question. For science, I found some posts here on CC with tips (ex. you don’t have to read some passages on certain sections to save time).