Would I have a chance for EDII?

I applied to Yale SCEA and was deferred. Chicago has always been my clear-cut second choice – would it be smart for me to apply EDII, and would I have a good chance?

White male (RI), divorced parents. My mother is a college professor and my father is a farmer. (They both went to Yale.)

Intended Major: Economics or Political Science

UW GPA: 4.0
W GPA: 4.66
Class Rank: 2/102

SAT: 1580 in one sitting (800 M/780 EBRW)

AP Scores:
Calculus AB - 5
Spanish Literature and Culture* - 5
US History - 5
Microeconomics* - 4
Macroeconomics*, Statistics* – this year.
*Indicates self-study

I took Calculus II at my state university (online) this past summer and received a grade of A.

I’m an IB Diploma candidate and am taking/have taken:
Math SL (I took Algebra II as a freshman and this course sophomore year; my school didn’t offer Math HL at the time. I still haven’t taken the exam, though, because I was too young as a sophomore and my school’s IB coordinator decided that I should wait to take it this year rather than just send in the IA last year with the exams being canceled.)
World Religions SL
English A HL
Spanish B HL
History of the Americas HL
Physics HL

Other than IB/AP courses, every class I have taken in high school has been at the Honors level, except three years of theology (it’s a Catholic school), which is only offered as college-prep. In addition to my core courses, I’ve been in Honors Band every year.

Extracurriculars listed on the Common App (I broke them into categories for ease of reading here instead of putting each separately):

  1. State Model Legislature – Senator 9, Senate Liberal Whip 10-11, President of the Senate 12 (I’ve won an award for distinguished participation – usually 5 or 6 are given to the top students out of about 115 – each of the past two years and will probably win one of the two major book awards this year, since they traditionally go to the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House.)
  2. Sports – Cross Country (Varsity 12, Captain 12) and Indoor Track (Varsity 9-12, Captain 12, All-Division/All-Class 11). I’m not going to be a recruited athlete anywhere, but I’ve done fairly respectably and improved a ton from my freshman year.
  3. Campaign volunteering – I was a text moderator/organizer on the Biden campaign and put in about 250-300 hours between March and November of this year as one of about 800 leaders of a team of roughly 45,000.
  4. Student government – Class Secretary 9-11, Student Body President 12
  5. Volunteering – For the last two summers, I’ve been the official scorer, data analyst and statistican for my local summer collegiate baseball team. The sport has always been a passion of mine, even though I’m absolutely terrible at playing it (which I did recreationally until aging out last year), and I wrote my Common App essay on this activity.
  6. Work – I’ve had to work on my dad’s farm every summer to contribute to the family business. I listed this under “family responsibilities.” This year, I used the skills I’d learned to spend extra time out there doing my IB CAS project – growing over a quarter ton of squash for the food bank that’s literally two blocks from my house.
  7. Religious – I’m an altar server at my Episcopal church and also volunteer at parish community events (not during covid, of course).

Awards (these are the five I listed on the Common App):

  1. School Highest Honors (every year)
  2. NHS
  3. National Merit Semifinalist
  4. National Spanish Exam Gold Medalist (Levels 1-4)
  5. Herbert and Claiborne Pell Medal for Excellence in United States History (statewide award given to rising seniors, originally established by our longest-serving and most accomplished senator and now given in his memory)

Counselor – She’s also my IB English teacher and loves me in there, because I’m one of only three in a class of about 27 who participate. She has described my profile as “very impressive” and is fairly confident about my chances at top schools, so I’m hoping that means she’s written a great letter to back me up. I’m hoping for an 8.5/10 or 9/10 from her and don’t think that’s an unreasonable expectation.
Teacher 1 – My IB World History teacher and Model Legislature advisor whom I’m very close to. He and I have had hours of off-the-record conversations about politics after class, and last week at parent-teacher conferences he told my mother that I was “one of the few most remarkable students” he’d ever encountered and “the kind that make you want to keep teaching.” I’d say it’s reasonable to expect a 9.5/10 or 10/10 from him.
Teacher 2 – My IB Spanish teacher who I’ve had since sophomore year and was my advisor when I independently studied the AP Spanish Literature and Culture course last year due to an irregularity in the schedule that prevented me from taking the second year of the IB class. I don’t know her quite as well as my history teacher, but we get along well and she’s always been very complimentary at parent-teacher conferences. I’d expect somewhere between an 8/10 and 9/10 from her.
Outside Recommender – The state Model Legislature coordinator, whom I’ve known since joining the leadership team my sophomore year. This is the only recommendation I’ve seen, and it’s incredible. She wrote two whole pages about my leadership ability, intellectual curiosity and motivation. Easily a 10/10.

If UChicago is a clear #1 choice at this point given the SCEA deferral, and you’d commit if admitted, then yes it’s smart to apply ED2. At worst you will be waitlisted and thus available for Yale’s regular round as well as other excellent schools that will be happy to have your excellent credentials. Be sure to have a compelling reason for wanting to attend so that your application stands out from other top apps coming into this round. Good luck and keep us informed!

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I got deferred through Early Action at UChicago, but got in through EDII, so I think it’s a great option for someone who really wants to attend the University. Your stats look pretty impressive, so I think you have a good chance!

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Hi, did you do anything to update your application for ED2?

You should send fall term grades. These should be sent by your GC as soon as available but if you have them earlier go ahead and upload a copy on your portal. You should make sure that the ED2 agreement is signed and sent along. Finally, send a quick e-mail to the AO explaining why you are switching to ED2. If you have any updates to your application (honors, awards, etc.) let them know that too. Keep it short and on point. Finally, understand that the ED2 pool is very competitive these days. A whole lot of amazing applicants deferred from HYPS will also be applying. In a normal year, the admit rate has been as low as 6%, so no one round is a shoe-in.